Puppies 'Rescued' From Storm Drain Turn Out To Be FoxesColorado Springs Firefighters rescued what they thought were puppies trapped in a storm drain -- but they turned out to be foxes!
Fox Family Gets Easy Access To Rooftop Thanks To All The SnowSome foxes made themselves comfortable on a rooftop in Breckenridge Monday morning.
Foxes And Skunks Dine On Free Breakfast In EvergreenFoxes and skunks are taking advantage of a good situation in Evergreen and learning to live together.
Series Of Mysterious Cat Disappearances In LakewoodAbout a dozen cats have vanished over the past few months near the Denver Federal Center and neighbors are worried the worst may be yet to come.
Wheat Ridge Police Warn About Sick FoxesWheat Ridge police have recently been getting several calls from people about sick foxes in the city and have even picked up two dead foxes in the past week.