Flu shot (credit: CBS)

How’s That Flu Shot Working For You?

You can’t help missing the reports: there is flu everywhere in Colorado. And you really can’t avoid knowing about the flu if you or a loved one have gotten nailed with this nasty bug.


Flu shots (credit: CBS)

Colorado Reports Widespread Flu In Nationwide Outbreak

The flu is spreading rapidly across the country and 41 states including Colorado are reporting widespread flu action.


(credit: CBS)

Facebook App Tracks Others Who Have The Flu

Now there’s a new Facebook app offering a special type of relief. It’s being called the “Flu-Blue” app.


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2 Colorado Children’s Deaths Tied To Influenza

State health officials say more than 200 people in Colorado have been hospitalized with the flu so far this year, and two young children’s deaths have been linked to influenza.


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Flu Season In Full Swing In Colorado

The flu season is well under way in Colorado.


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It’s Here …

Feeling great one minute … then sick as a dog the next. As expected, flu cases are hitting the Front Range. But so are a number of flu-like illnesses. As Dr. Dave Hnida reports, is it a bug that looks like flu, or is this year’s shot not covering what’s out there?


Fluzone (credit: CDC)

Brutal Flu Season Just Beginning In Colorado

Doctors across the U.S. are warning this could be a brutal flu season. Already 52 people across Colorado have been hospitalized for the flu.


Photo Credit: bellybliss.org

Flu, Fever, And Autism

Does having the flu during pregnancy cause autism? A new study suggests maybe so. Dr. Dave Hnida looks at the actual risk, and what you can do to lower it.


(credit: CBS)

Bet You’re Not Worried About It

Given our nice weather, flu is probably one of the last things are your mind. But … it is time to roll up your sleeve and get vaccinated. And as Dr. Dave Hnida reports, this year’s flu season is expected to be a doozy. (A word you won’t use if you are a victim.)


Fluzone (credit: CDC)

Flu Cases Down In Colorado This Season

Flu cases are below average in Colorado this season. Doctors across the nation are seeing fewer cases of the flu so far this year.





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