'We Need Everyone': Fire Experts Plead To Public's Help In MitigationMarch is supposed to be Colorado's snowiest month, but more than a week in and we're still very dry.
Hundreds Of Goats Used To Help With Fire PreventionHundreds of goats were put to work to hep with fire prevention.
Grazing Goats Provide Wildfire Mitigation For Metro NeighborhoodOne homeowner’s association in Castle Pines has decided to use the eating power of goats as a long term solution to fire mitigation.
Wildfire Readiness: 'The Best Defense Is A Good Offense'The Colorado State Forest Service is reminding landowners that there's no better time than now to prepare homes for wildfire with Colorado's snowpack at 65 percent of average.
Golden Resident To Xcel Energy: 'You Cut It, You Clean It'When strong winds whipped tree branches back and forth in January sparking small fires concerned neighbors called Xcel Energy.
Mitigating Against Wildfire Is More Than Cutting Down TreesIt turns out that some of the smallest details, such as in landscaping, can help protect your home from the flames of a fire.
New Legislation Helps Homeowners With Wildfire Mitigation CostsHomeowners who want to do wildfire mitigation now have access to millions of dollars in matching funds from the state.