Woman Who Faked Cancer Pleads Guilty To New Felony ChargesA woman convicted of faking cancer to collect donations has pleaded guilty to new felony charges.
Aurora Woman Who Faked Son's Cancer SentencedA woman who lied about her son having cancer to collect tens of thousands of dollars in charitable contributions learned her sentence Tuesday morning.
Woman Who Faked Cancer Gets Prison For Lying AgainThe wife of a police officer who faked cancer to get donations from friends and neighbors has been sent to prison for lying to her probation officer.
Woman Who Faked Having Cancer For Cash May Be At It AgainA woman cheated hundreds of people out of thousands of dollars by pretending she had cancer and may have recently been doing it again.
Fake Cancer Case: Woman Accused Of Fooling Family, CommunityA mother has been accused of using her 6-year-old son to raise $25,000.