I Hate To Say I Told You So, But ...In dedicating themselves to running the ball, Denver has done two things: They've found their running back of the future and they have proven to the entire league that they can -- and will -- win without relying on Peyton Manning's arm, according to CBSDenver.com's Brett Heinzerling.
Manning's 17-Game Streak Might Not Be His GreatestIt took Peyton Manning two seasons to turn the floundering Colts into a playoff team and not much longer to make them a perennial Super Bowl contender.
Colts Will Have Tribute For Peyton ManningThe Colts will pay tribute to Peyton Manning when he returns to Indianapolis next week. What exactly the team will do hasn't been finalized yet.
Broncos Running Backs Know The Importance Of Protecting ManningElway wasn't a championship quarterback until Terrell Davis came along. Every great quarterback needs a great running game, and the Broncos are no different this year.