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Greeley Senior Known As ‘Plant Guy’ Around School

Hawken Carlton bought a greenhouse on eBay last year without asking permission. When it arrived, Denise, his mother, looked it over, sighed and wondered out loud where he was planning to put it.


James Eagan Holmes (credit: Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office)

eBay Removes Movie Shooting Suspect Halloween Mask

Internet company eBay has canceled the sale of a Halloween mask of Colorado movie theater shooting suspect James Holmes.


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4 Indicted In Colorado Over Counterfeit Cycling Gear

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers says four people have been indicted in connection with online sales of counterfeit cycling jerseys.


Photo of the "Tebow toast" up on eBay. (credit: eBay)

For Sale On eBay: ‘Tebowing’ Grilled Cheese

As one eBay auction proves, Tebowmania comes in all forms. The latest? Burnt grilled cheese sandwiches.


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Coloradans React To The ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ Controversy

The popular Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia will go dark for a day on Wednesday. It’s joining other websites to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act — a bill that’s been getting a lot of attention on Twitter and blogs.


U.S. Olympic runner Nick Symmonds is auctioning off advertising space on his left shoulder as he goes for Olympic gold this summer. (credit: PATRICK BAZ/AFP/Getty Images)

US Olympian Auctioning Ad Space On Shoulder

For $1,850 on eBay, an Olympic runner is selling advertising on his left shoulder as he attempts to bring home gold.


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Denver Police Once Again Warn About Internet Scams

The Denver Police Department is once again warning about Internet scams involving forged checks.


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Brooke’s Bargains: Craigslist … To List Or Not To List?

I have talked to so many people who have something they really want to sell, but just aren’t sure about Craigslist. I completely understand the apprehension, but I’ve got some tips from my personal experience.


A sign CBS4 found outside a pharmacy (credit: CBS)

CBS4 Investigates Black Market Diabetes Test Strips

The director of one of the nation’s leading diabetes centers and journals says he will issue a warning to patients following a CBS4 investigation. The warning is to stay away from diabetes test strips being sold on the black market at a fraction of the retail cost.