DUI Checkpoints

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Police Step DUI Patrols For The Holiday Weekend

Law officers across the state are on the roads looking this holiday weekend as part of the “100 Days of Heat” campaign.


An image from the pool party (credit: CBS)

CSU Offers Alcohol Programs For Incoming Students

Students are getting ready to go back to class at Colorado State University and faculty and staff are hoping those students will make smart decisions when it comes to alcohol.


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Law Enforcement Says A DUI Checkpoint Could Be Anywhere, Anytime

Law enforcement officers across Colorado are cracking down on drunk driving this summer. The “100 Days of Heat” campaign is under way this holiday weekend.


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Colorado Agencies Cracking Down On Summer DUI

Colorado law enforcement agencies are launching a crackdown on drunken driving starting Friday.


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Drunk Drivers Not The Only Ones Feeling The ‘Heat’

Police across Colorado are cracking down on impaired drivers. This year they’re looking not only for drunk drivers, but also drivers under the influence of marijuana.