Colorado TV Watchers About To Be Jolted Back Into Normal Commercial-ViewingThey must feel like old friends by now to Colorado TV watchers: Cory Gardner and Mark Udall. But those old friends are mostly going away from your TV.
Mike Kopp Breaks Down His Agenda After Claiming Top Line At GOP Primary BallotColorado's political world was surprised over the weekend when former state Sen. Mike Kopp claimed the top line of the GOP gubernatorial primary ballot.
Who Will Be The GOP Alpha?
Today, Happy Meals, Tomorrow...The San Francisco Board of Supervisors, equivalent to a City Council, voted on Tuesday to ban toys in fast food meals that contained more than 600 calories. While the Mayor of San Francisco has promised to veto the bill, he may be overruled since it passed the Board by a vote of 8-3.
So Much for Bipartisanship
Different Presidents, Same StoryBoth President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush are making the media rounds this week. And while the reasons for their interviews are very different, at the heart of it, their messages are very similar.
Where Did Thanksgiving Go?I realize that we have allowed the tide of commercialism eat away at the foundation of the holiday for many years, but it seems different this year. It seems that after years of constant rain of Christmas decorations going up before the Halloween candy is sold out, the institution of Thanksgiving is finally sliding down the hill and being swallowed by the mudslide.
Wikileaks: How Much is TMI?The Wikileaks controversy was a story that frankly, in this age of mass information distribution, was bound to happen.