VIDEO: Labrador 'Adopts' 9 Orphaned DucklingsPhotos posted online show the ducklings cuddled up around the dog, riding in a row along his back and even sitting on top of his head.
WATCH: U.S. Soldier Reunites With Stray Dog Rescued In IraqA U.S. Army soldier has been reunited with a stray dog her unit rescued during their deployment to the Middle East.
Oklahoma Woman Mauled To Death By Pack Of Wiener DogsAn Oklahoma sheriff says a 52-year-old woman was attacked and killed by a group of small dogs on May 10.
Puppy Named 'Monster' Becomes 'Hero' By Saving Owner From FireAn Alabama homeowner says his new puppy saved his life after the man's front yard went up in flames.
Microchip Reunites Family With Dog Four Years LaterThis Michigan family thought their dog was gone for good and then a phone call changed all that.
Two Dogs Trapped Between Lava And Fence Rescued In HawaiiTwo tiny dogs in Hawaii have been rescued after they were found trapped between a fence and the dangerous lava flows.
'My Dog Shot Me', Man's Puppy Playtime Ends With Bullet WoundAn Iowa man was roughhousing with his dog when playtime turned extremely painful for the 51-year-old. 
Why Do Dogs Act The Way They Do?A board-certified dog behaviorist explains why dogs howl at sirens, kick up grass, tilt their heads, and more.
Veterinarian Accused Of Implanting Heroin In Puppies Pleads Not GuiltyLopez Elorza is accused of turning puppies into drug couriers by stitching packets of liquid heroin into their bodies.
Cop Quickly Makes Friends With 'Vicious Dog'A police officer in Texas got a very pleasant surprise after being called out on a report of a vicious dog.
Chihuahua Gives Birth To 11 Puppies, Reportedly Sets RecordAt just one and a half years old, this was already the tiny dog's second litter of puppies.
Colorado Dogs Taking Part In Stem Cell StudyAs dogs age, 80 percent of them will develop arthritis. A new national study is looking at stem cells as a treatment.