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(credit: JoLynn Dillion)

Snow Causes DIA Flight Cancellations, Traffic Problems

The morning rush hour in Denver was significantly slowed as road conditions were slick and icy in spots.


(credit: Jesse Sarles/CBS)

DIA Is Nation’s Top Airport For Healthy Eating

Denver International Airport is at the top of the list when it comes to healthy airport eating.


(credit: CBS)

Expect Detours When Traveling Through DIA’s Terminal East

Denver International Airport announced on Thursday that detours will affect an entire terminal.


Denver International Airport  (credit: CBS)

More Visible Security At DIA Following LAX Shooting

The Transportation Security Administration says travelers are likely to see more
security measures at local airports across the country.


An artist's rendition of the new exterior at Denver International Airport (credit: DIA)

DIA Marks Half-Way Point For Hotel, Train Construction

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock helped mark the half-way point for construction completion for the new hotel and train station at Denver International Airport.


Final Approach (credit: CBS)

DIA Extends ‘Final Approach’ Waiting Area Times

It’s only been open a week and a half but Denver International Airport is already extending the lobby hours at the new Final Approach cellphone waiting lot.


Final Approach (credit: CBS)

New Waiting Area Debuts At DIA With Family Friendly Features

The new minute waiting area at Denver International Airport is setting the bar high for all other airports.



Frontier Flight Lands Safely At DIA After Door Malfunctions

A plane from Las Vegas to Denver landed safely at Denver International Airport after a door alarm malfunctioned during the flight.


Denver International Airport (credit: CBS)

Some Flights At DIA Delayed By Fog

Denver International Airport says normal operations have resumed, after fog slowed down morning arrivals.


Denver International Airport  (credit: CBS)

Arrivals At DIA Delayed For Short Time In Foggy Conditions

Arriving flights were being delayed an average of about 40 minutes on Thursday morning.