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Department Of Safety

Stephanie O'Malley (credit:

Hancock Names Stephanie O’Malley To Lead Department Of Safety

Denver County’s former clerk and recorder is taking over an important role in the City and County of Denver.


An image of the protest from Oct. 29. (credit: Mark Neitro)

Occupy Denver Protests Cost Police Less Than Thought

The overtime bill for police in Denver associated with the Occupy Denver protests is much less than previously estimated.


An image of the protest from Oct. 29. (credit: Mark Neitro)

Denver Police: Occupy Denver Taking Toll On The Force

Denver police say Occupy Denver has been straining its force. Now the department has to prioritize the city’s calls when the movement gets out of hand in order to handle emergencies.


Marvin Booker (credit: CBS)

ACLU Requests Video Documenting Inmate’s Death

A civil liberties group has filed a records request with the Denver Department of Safety for video footage documenting the death of an inmate.



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