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Department of Revenue

(credit: CBS)

Colorado Taking Money For Unpaid Parking Tickets From Tax Refunds

The state of Colorado may be holding back a chunk of resident’s tax refund money because of unpaid parking tickets.


Medical Marijuana (credit: Colorado Department of Transportation)

Medical Pot Regulation In Trouble In Colorado

Colorado’s medical marijuana regulations are badly enforced and in need of dramatic overhaul, state auditors concluded in a blistering 89-page report released Tuesday.


Marijuana brownies (credit: CBS)

Pot Task Force Tackles Protection For Children

The Amendment 64 Task Force is making recommendations to the state about how to implement recreational marijuana.


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Pot Purchasing Limits Proposed In Colorado

Marijuana consumers in Colorado could be in store for purchasing limits well below what they’re allowed to have.


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People Finding Way To Skirt Colorado’s Marijuana Laws On Craigslist

Coloradans can’t legally sell marijuana unless they are licensed by the state, but ads are now showing up on Craigslist that seem to be skirting the law.


An image of the meeting on Monday (credit: CBS)

Recreational Pot Regulation Work Begins In Colorado

A 24-member task force appointed to set up marijuana rules meets Monday for the first time.


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Douglas County Mulls Banning Growing & Selling Pot

While voters across the state approved making marijuana legal earlier this month, Douglas County commissioners are pushing a local ban on growing and selling pot.



Audit: Colorado Conservation Credit Needs Closer Review

Colorado auditors say the state Department of Revenue does not always adequately review the purpose cited for conservation easement tax credits aimed at promoting land protection.


The letter to Gov. John Hickenlooper (credit: CBS)

Police Chiefs, Drug Investigators Say Medical Marijuana Is Out Of Control

Colorado’s medical marijuana industry has come under fire as the state’s police chiefs rip the regulations in place and say the situation is out of control.


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Proposal Would Bail Out State’s Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division

There’s a plan to rescue the state’s new Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division. The funding has dried up and nearly half the staff had to be transferred.