Denver Zoo Animals Give New Life To Old Fire HosesSome of the animals at the Denver Zoo are giving new life to old fire hoses.
VIDEO: Baby Sloth At Denver Zoo Starting To Eat Solid FoodThe zoo posted a new video showing the baby sloth that was born in January.
Dobby The Giraffe Celebrates His First Birthday!Hundreds helped celebrate Denver's favorite baby giraffe, Dobby, on his first birthday Wednesday.
Celebrate Dobby The Giraffe's 1st Birthday At The Denver Zoo"Join us to celebrate all the special memories we've all shared with Dobby over the past year," zoo officials said.
4 Endangered African Wild Dog Puppies Make Debut At Denver ZooNigel, Theodore Roosevelt, Livingstone and Cholula (the only female) were born at the zoo on Nov. 20, 2017.
Denver Zoo Sees Historic Visitation Numbers For 2017Attendance numbers at the Denver Zoo were through the roof in 2017 - record breaking, in fact.
Newborn Sloth Called 'Baby' Main Attraction For Many At Denver ZooThe Denver Zoo is celebrating the birth of a baby sloth this week!
Baby Sloth Is Born At Denver ZooA new zoo baby is making its public debut in Denver on Thursday.
Fishing Cat Celebrates 1st BirthdayThe Denver Zoo is celebrating the 1st birthday of the fishing cat.
Denver Zoo Expecting Baby SlothTwo days after releasing video of an ultrasound showing a baby in the uterus of an animal, the Denver Zoo has revealed what kind of baby it is.
Denver Zoo Reveals Species Of Expecting AnimalTwo days after releasing video of an ultrasound showing an animal baby, the Denver Zoo has revealed what kind of baby it is.
Denver Zoo Announces New Bundle Of Joy ComingDenver Zoo made a big announcement on their Facebook page Wednesday.