Denver Public Works

(credit: CBS)

‘Bike To Work Day’ To Be One Of The Hottest Ever

About 1,000 people are signed up for Denver’s Bike to Work Day set for Wednesday, but with temperatures hovering around the 100 degree mark, it will be one of the hottest ever.


A Denver Public Works crew repairs a pothole on Feb. 27, 2012. (credit: CBS)

Denver Crews Repair Hundreds Of Potholes A Day

This time of year can be extremely tough on vehicles because of the number of potholes on city streets and highways.


Denver Mayor Michael Hancock says he's proud of road crews clearing streets (credit: CBS)

Denver’s Mayor: ‘Goal Is To Stay In Front Of This Storm’

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock says he’s proud of the work road crews have accomplished in the first day of the winter storm that hit Colorado.


Denver Public Works road crews continue to clear streets Friday (credit: CBS)

Denver Road Crews Continue To Work Clearing Streets

Road crews will remain on the streets of Denver, working to clear snow, until at least noon Saturday.


Snow plows in Denver clear snow and spray gravel Wednesday morning. (credit: CBS)

Road Crews, Drivers Surprised By Winter Driving Conditions

The snow began falling hours before the sun came up Wednesday. The ground was still warm when the snow began to fall and it melted.


Side streets are not typically on the radar for snow plow crews in Denver (credit: CBS)

Don’t Expect Side Streets In Denver To Be Plowed

Snow plow crews have been patrolling the streets in the Denver metro area since snow began falling Wednesday evening. But don’t expect those blades to clear side streets.


A snow plow works to clear city streets in downtown Denver Thursday morning. (credit: CBS)

Denver Public Works Snow Crews Working To Clear City Streets

Denver Public Works snow crews were working overnight Wednesday into Thursday morning to clear main streets in the city.


Trash in Civic Center Park (credit: CBS)

Some Occupy Protesters Trash Civic Center Park On Purpose

All signs at Denver’s Civic Center Park are pointing to the possibility of another run-in with police after some Occupy Denver protesters trashed part of the park.


The public works department warned Occupy Denver supporters to get rid of things like tarps and cardboard boxes by Thursday. (credit: CBS)

Denver Backing Off Removing Occupy Items For Now

The city of Denver backed off a plan Thursday to remove items left by anti-Wall Street protesters on a downtown sidewalk that has become their base, at least for now.


The holiday blizzards in 2006 put a huge dent in thousands of travelers' holiday plans, crippled city services and closed Denver International Airport. ... Photo of snowplows on on the Highland Bridge in Denver by Jeff and Cindy Newton.

Winter Storms Can Be Expensive, But Also A Money Maker

Handling big storms like last week’s can get expensive with the plowing, the electric problems, and the cleanup. But there’s also money to be made.