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David Moe

David Moe (credit: CBS)

Preschool Employee Convicted On Child Porn Charges Learns His Fate

A former preschool worker learned his fate after admitting to distributing child pornography and accepting a plea deal.


David Moe (credit: CBS)

Former Preschool Worker Pleads Guilty, Admits To Years Of Distributing Child Porn

A former preschool worker has not only pleaded guilty to distributing child pornography, he admitted to doing it for years in court on Thursday.


David Moe (credit: CBS)

Prior To Expected Guilty Plea, Mom Calls Preschool Teacher Case ‘Sickening’

With former Paddington Station preschool teacher and administrator David Moe expected to plead guilty Thursday to child porn charges, the mother of one of his students is speaking out calling the situation “sickening… very disturbing.”


David Moe (credit: CBS)

Plea Bargain Apparently Reached for Former Preschool Teacher In Child Porn Case

David Moe, a former preschool teacher charged with distributing, receiving and owning child pornography, has apparently reached a plea bargain agreement.


Nancy Spillane (credit: CBS)

Head Of Preschool Caught In Child Porn Scandal Promises To Restore School’s Integrity

The preschool that employed a teacher now accused of having child pornography say enrollment has dropped 20 percent drop since the arrest.


David Moe (credit: CBS)

Former Preschool Teacher Pleads Not Guilty To Child Porn Charges

A former preschool teacher accused of possessing child pornography was in Denver federal court on Tuesday.


David Moe (credit: Paddington Station Preschool)

Former Preschool Teacher Indicted On Child Porn Charges

A federal grand jury has indicted former preschool teacher David Moe on distribution, receipt and possession of child pornography.


David Moe (credit: Paddington Station Preschool)

Former Preschool Teacher Facing Child Porn Charges To Be Released On Bond

A judge has released conditions that will allow a former preschool teacher to be free on bond while he awaits trial on child pornography charges.


David Moe (credit: CBS)

Federal Hearing Held For Preschool Teacher Accused In Child Porn Case

A preschool teacher has asked a federal judge to let him out on bond while he awaits trial on charges of possessing child pornography.


David Moe (credit: CBS)

Preschool Director Steps Down After Teacher Accused In Child Porn Case

The director of Paddington Station preschool has stepped down from her position after an employee at the school was arrested, accused of possessing child pornography.



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