Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District Begins Healing After Former Chief SentencedVolunteer firefighters watched as their former chief was sentenced to prison time on Friday.
Former Fire Chief Sentenced To 8 Years For EmbezzlementA judge sentenced a former volunteer fire department chief to eight years in prison Friday for embezzling nearly $650,000 from his fire district.
Former Fire Chief Guilty Of Embezzling Hundreds Of Thousands Of DollarsA former fire chief in Colorado has pleaded guilty to stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from his department.
Community Shocked By Indictment Against Former Fire ChiefA former volunteer fire chief who seemed to care deeply about his community is now accused of stealing approximately $634,000 from his department.
Former Fire Chief Accused Of Stealing $643,000 The former Fire Chief of the Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District has been indicted in a theft case. David MacBean has been accused of stealing $643,000 from the district.