New Video Of Police Takedown Revives Police Brutality ClaimsNewly released body camera footage is resurrecting police brutality claims where a Fort Collins Police officer is seen body slamming a female Colorado State University student.
Topless Ban Goes Before Court Of AppealsThe fight over women going topless in Fort Collins has reached the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. Women claim the topless ban violates their Constitutional rights.
Video Shows Alleged Racial Profiling By PoliceA man from Aurora says he was racially profiled while waiting to pick up a friend at an apartment in Denver.
Colorado Town's Ban On Topless Women Put On Hold By JudgeA Colorado judge has blocked a college town's law against women going topless, saying the law is likely unconstitutional.
Federal Judge Hears Free Speech Argument After DIA RallyA federal judge in Denver heard arguments on Wednesday about how Denver International Airport handles Free Speech and protests.
Activists Claim DIA Infringed On Freedom Of SpeechProtesters have asked a federal court judge to issue an injunction against the City of Denver and police after demonstrators were asked to leave Denver International Airport last month.
Technicality May Force New Trial For Man Convicted In Daughter's DisappearanceMore than 12 years years after the disappearance of 6-year-old Aarone Thompson, her Aurora neighbor Mark Fenton is still grieving.
Aurora To Pay $325,000 Over Traffic Stop After Bank RobberyThe City of Aurora has agreed to pay $325,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by motorists who were detained at an intersection while police tried to find a man who robbed a nearby bank.
Lawsuit Claims Jail Could Have Stopped Inmate's DeathHe was sick for almost a week, but a new Federal lawsuit claims nurses, doctors, and deputies ignored signs and allowed a man to die in the Arapahoe County Jail.
Civil Rights Coalition To Closely Monitor Donald TrumpSeveral Colorado attorneys have formed a new coalition to fight for civil rights.
Mother Says Son 'Was Neglected To Death'A CBS4 investigation has learned that a developmentally disabled man who died in the Mesa County Jail was not allowed to have a potentially life saving device.
Settlement Gives Millions To Children Of Woman Who Died In JailThe family of 37-year-old Jennifer Lobato says they're one step closer to justice after a $2.5 million settlement with Jefferson County.