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David Balmer

David Balmer campaign signs have been disappearing from one Centennial neighborhood. (credit: CBS)

State Senate Candidate Says Campaign Signs Stolen From Lawns

Campaign signs stolen from front yards and lawns isn’t a new phenomenon during election season, but one candidate for state Senate said he’s being hit especially hard.


A Colorado neighborhood (credit: CBS)

Colorado Lawmakers Want More Transparency In HOAs

Colorado lawmakers have taken up an effort to do something about over-reaching homeowners associations. They want more transparency in HOAs.


Colorado Legislature (credit: CBS)

GOP Lawmakers In Colorado Try New Health Care Tactic

Colorado’s Republican-led House on Thursday passed what the GOP calls a new tactic to challenge the federal health care overhaul.


(credit: CBS)

Bickering Continues Over Colorado District Lines

Colorado lawmakers are running out of time to strike a deal on new congressional district lines.


One of the proposed maps (credit: CBS)

Redistricting Deadline Looms For State Lawmakers

Colorado lawmakers are plowing ahead with plans to debate congressional redistricting, despite a lack of agreement on how they will handle it.


(credit: CBS)

Colorado Legislature Limps Toward Finish Line

Colorado’s first divided Legislature in a decade is limping toward the finish line with plenty of topics to settle before the final gavels fall Wednesday.


(credit: CBS)

Colorado Lawmakers Start Over On Redistricting

Lawmakers charged with redrawing Colorado’s seven congressional districts are starting over, just a day before a deadline to complete their work.


(credit: CBS)

Colorado Lawmakers Want Soda Sales Tax To Fizzle

Coke, Pepsi and other soft drinks would get a little cheaper in Colorado under a Republican plan to repeal sales taxes on soft drinks.


(credit: CBS)

Push At State Capitol To Repeal Soda Pop Tax

There is a push at the State Capitol to repeal the sales tax on soda pop. Lawmakers allowed the tax to go back into effect last year.


Rep. David Balmer (R) Centennial (credit:

Balmer Banned From Colorado Senate For Losing Temper

Republican state Rep. David Balmer has been banned from the Senate floor this session for losing his temper while discussing congressional redistricting in the state Senate.




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