Colorado Cyberbullying Bill AdvancesBullying through text messages or social media platforms would be a new crime in Colorado under a bill that advanced unanimously out of a House committee.
New Bill Would Make It Easier To Prosecute Cyber-Bullying CasesSome Colorado lawmakers say not enough is being done in the state to protect children and teenagers from bullying online or over cellphones, and they are trying to change that.
Colorado Lawmakers Prepare To Tackle Cyber BullyingSome state lawmakers are working to make sure Colorado's kids are more protected against cyber bullying.
Colorado Investigators Warn About Website Known For CyberbullyingThe arrests this week in a bullying case out of Florida highlights the dangers for children online.
Facebook Page Targeted Female High School Students In Fort CollinsIt's down now, but students at a Fort Collins high school say a Facebook page led to a weekend of bullying for some students. While the page is gone, plenty of questions remain about punishment.
Arvada Teen Accused Of Cyber-BullyingA 15-year-old student in Arvada is under investigation for cyber-bullying using Instagram.
How Is Cyber-Bullying Different?In a way it was bound to happen. Teenagers are spending more time online and less time outside. Guess where the problem behaviors are moving? The National Crime Prevention Council reports more than 43 percent of teenagers now report being victims of cyber-bullying. That's at the same time when face-to-face bullying went down.