Jeb Bush In Denver, Pushes For Stronger Defense & Foreign PolicyFormer Florida Gov. Jeb Bush called Tuesday for a stronger national defense and a consistent foreign policy but said the U.S. shouldn't enter into another Cold War.
Ukrainians Living In Colorado Say They're WorriedPeople in Crimea are celebrating a vote to break with Ukraine and join Russia. About 96 percent of voters favored it Sunday. The decision came just two weeks after Russian troops seized the peninsula.
Obama the Diplomat having Trouble Wrestling with the Russian BearThe lack of significant response from President Obama on the Crimean vote is showing that a President known for his diplomacy is having trouble with the Russian Bear.
Protesters Gather At State Capitol To Call For Peace In CrimeaA few dozen people gathered on the steps of the state capitol to call for peace in Crimea on Sunday.
Denver Church Prays For Peace In UkraineInside a Byzantine Catholic church in Denver prayers of hope are continued to be offered for peace in Ukraine.