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Credit Cards

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Understand Your Financial Well-Being

Financial experts always tell people to start saving early if they hope to retire early, and there are ways to save now to get there faster.


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Parents Should Think About Financial Education For Kids

Many parents are doing a lousy job talking to and educating their children about money, and a new survey said they’re not leading by example.


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New Database Tracks Complaints About Credit Card Companies

There’s now a new website that allows consumers to vent about their credit card company and read other customers’ complaints before getting a new card.


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Businesses Set Minimums On Credit Card Purchases

Just because the customer is not carrying cash doesn’t mean the retailer will let him or her use a credit card.


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‘Financial Infidelity’ Is A Slippery Slope For A Marriage

Financial infidelity appears to be on the rise. No matter how close the marriage, apparently there are often secrets around money. A new study suggests it’s mostly women who are financially cheating on their husbands.


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Study: Women Pay More For Credit Cards

Men and women all use the same major credit cards but one gender pays more for the convenience– women.


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Money Saver: Best Credit Cards To Use For The Holidays

CBS4 Money Saver Suzanne McCarroll took a look at what the best cards are for getting cash back on purchases.


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Consumers Looking For A New Credit Card Should Be Careful

Money Saver Suzanne McCarroll says you need to identify your needs and then look for the credit card that best suits your needs.


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Medical Marijuana Patients Find Credit Cards Out

Medical marijuana dispensaries say some credit card companies are refusing to honor credit card purchases because of legal concerns.


Sara Gilbert with GreenPath Debt Solutions (credit: CBS)

Experts Give Advice On When to Walk Away From A Mortgage

As home values slip below what people owe on their mortgages people are strategically defaulting on their loans. In some cases, experts say it just makes economic sense.




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