Dog Owner Resorts To Air Horn To Scare Off Coyotes After AttackA Denver woman is taking drastic action in an attempt to avoid another coyote attack on her dog.
Coyote Hazing Aims To Reduce Attacks On PetsResidents in the town of Erie are teaming up to haze coyotes, after more than 32 pets were attacked in the past six months.
Steer Clear Of Coyotes During Mating SeasonIf you see a coyote, steer clear. That’s the warning from Colorado Parks and Wildlife released on Wednesday to protect people and their pets. January and February is mating season for coyotes.
Top Colorado Animal 'Tails' Of 2015From an aggressive elk attacking a police car to a mountain lion in a staring contest with a family's cat, here are the top Colorado animal stories of 2015.
Dog Owner Sends Out Warning After Coyote Attacks DogsA Broomfield woman who says a coyote jumped her back fence and killed two family dogs over the weekend is hoping to get the word out about the dangers.
Jefferson County Goes High Tech To Track CoyotesThe Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is going high tech when it comes to tracking coyotes and their behavior.
Highlands Ranch Woman Saves Her Dog By Punching Coyote In The FaceA woman from Highlands Ranch now has a bruised hand after a violent encounter with a coyote.
Owner Of Dog Who Was Attacked Wants Stricter City Coyote Management PlanA family from Denver is threatening to take legal action after their dog was attacked by a coyote.
It's The Time Of The Year Coyotes Become More Aggressive
Coyote Sightings May Be More Common During Winter Mating SeasonAn aggressive coyote chased a jogger and her dog twice on Wednesday near a park in Erie, police said.
Coyote Attacks Continue In Arapahoe CountyAggressive coyotes attacked and injured three more dogs in Arapahoe County on Monday, prompting owners to warn neighbors.
Coyotes Kill Several Dogs In Arapahoe CountyCoyotes near Yale Avenue and Interstate 25 have killed about a dozen dogs recently, snatching many from back yards near the High Line Canal.