Paw Patrol Costume Recalled For Fire DangerA Paw Patrol firefighter costume has been pulled off the shelves because it can pose a fire danger to children.
Recall Issued For Samsung Galaxy Note 7 SmartphonesA recall has been issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for 1 million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices due to fire risk.
More Than 500,000 Hoverboards Recalled After FiresMore than 500,000 hoverboards are being recalled after dozens of reports of fires and spewing smoke.
CoPIRG Releases Annual 'Trouble In Toyland' ReportConsumer watchdogs say toys are safer than ever before, but parents still need to do their homework.
Popular Bumbo Infant Floor Seat RecalledAbout 4 million Bumbo Baby Seats are being recalled after nearly two dozen reports of infant skull fractures.
Magnetic Beads Meant For Adults Making Children SickPopular magnets meant for adults have been sending children to the hospital. There have been several cases in Colorado and across the country.
Kids' Tabletop Chairs RecalledTens of thousands of tabletop feeding chairs for babies and toddlers were recalled Wednesday after reports that they can come loose and send children plummeting to the floor.
Silly Bandz Warning For ParentsThey're often called Silly Bandz and a lot of kids like wearing them on their wrists. Parents are now being warned to monitor just how many Silly Bandz their kids are wearing and how tightly they fit.
Ban on Drop Down CribsThe ban on drop down cribs issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission today has a lot of people saying "...It's about time."