Colorado State House

The Colorado House of Representatives (credit: CBS)

Current Gun Control Fight Is Only Part I

As intense and ugly the current fight over gun control issues is right now, it’s clear that this in only round one of this fight. And round two will likely get even uglier, blogger Dominic Dezzutti writes.


An image from the Capitol on Wednesday (credit: CBS)

Civil Unions: A Lesson in Compromise

This year’s version of the Civil Unions bill should help teach an important lesson about a word that is considered taboo among many Republicans, compromise.


House Speaker Frank McNulty (credit: CBS)

Clock Ticking for McNulty on Civil Unions Passage

With the House Judiciary Committee passing the Civil Unions bill, the clock is now ticking over Speaker Frank McNulty’s head to decide the fate of the bill over the last few days of the session. How he handles the next four days might determine if he gets to handle 120 more.