Colorado Legislature

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Things To Know At The Colorado Capitol This Week

Family leave for school activities, drone penalties and reporting missing children are among the topics lawmakers will tackle this week at the Capitol.


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Temporary Powdered Alcohol Ban Advances In Colorado Senate

Grappling with how to regulate powdered alcohol, Colorado lawmakers advanced legislation Tuesday to put the sale of the product on hold before it’s in stores.


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Snowy Weather Cancels Colorado Legislature

Colorado’s snowy weather has prompted the state Legislature to close its doors.


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Anonymous Sex Assault Reports Expanded Under Colorado Bill

Sex assault victims would be able to undergo forensic evidence collection without reporting a crime under a measure pending in the Colorado Legislature.


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Things To Know At The Colorado Statehouse This Week

Among the things that will be keeping Colorado lawmakers busy this week are budget wrangling, voting and photo identification, juvenile shackling and free park adminssion for veterans.


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State Lawmakers Vote Unanimously For New Witness ID Practices

The Senate voted 35-0 Friday to require a new statewide standard for gathering evidence from eyewitnesses. The measure now heads to the House.


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Colorado Moves Closer To Immigrant License Showdown

The Colorado Legislature moved closer Thursday to a partisan showdown over granting driver’s licenses to immigrants in the country illegally.


The Colorado capitol in January 2015 (credit: Butch Montoya)

Things To Know At The Colorado Statehouse This Week

One-fourth of the 2015 legislative session is in the books, meaning the niceties are over and longer days await lawmakers.


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Testimony Over Right To Die Bill Gets Emotional At State Capitol

Dozens of people testified to a Colorado house committee on Friday during the first hearing of a bill some state lawmakers call “the Death with Dignity Act.”


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Lawmaker’s Effort To Alter New Low-Flow Toilet Law Dies At Capitol

Efforts to repeal part of a law that will allow only low-flow toilets to be sold in Colorado starting next year has failed.




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