At Session Midpoint, Colorado Lawmakers Have Plenty PendingWhat's been a sleepy legislative session is about to ramp up as Colorado lawmakers head into the final two months with significant debates pending.
New Bill Would Limit How Long Government Keeps Surveillance VideoColorado lawmakers are behind an effort to set restrictions on how long the government can keep surveillance footage.
Bill To Extend Bar Hours Fails Lawmakers rejected a proposal to allow Colorado cities and towns to extend bar hours after the legislator sponsoring the bill on Monday asked them to vote no.
Bill To Repeal Ammo Magazine Limits Rejected Democrats rejected a Republican attempt to repeal restrictions on the size of ammunition magazines in Colorado.
Colorado GOP Attempts Repeal Of Ammo Magazine Limits Gun-rights advocates who want to see a repeal of Colorado's limits on the size of ammunition magazines realize their chances are slim when they go before Democrat-controlled committees next week.
Lawmakers Hear Arguments Over Colorado’s Gun LawsLawmakers heard arguments over one of Colorado’s new gun laws Monday night.
Lawmaker Fighting To Continue Breast Cancer Screening For Low Income WomenA Colorado lawmaker is fighting to continue breast cancer screening and treatment for low income women.
Colorado Lawmakers Might Soon Allow Online GamblingColorado lawmakers are considering legislation that would allow online gambling.