Colorado Lawmakers Participate In Workplace Harassment TrainingColorado lawmakers are going through a series of mandatory workplace harassment training sessions at the state Capitol.
Coloradans Pay Millions Annually To Jail Illegal ImmigrantsColorado taxpayers paid more than $522 million to imprison illegal immigrants convicted of crimes over the past 20 years, according to a CBS4 investigation.
Colorado Governor Hints He May Call Lawmakers Back To WorkSaying Colorado lawmakers didn't do nearly enough to pay for highway upgrades, Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper threatened Thursday to call lawmakers back to Denver to take another crack at the issue.
Coloradans Weigh In On DUI Felony DecisionAs DUI penalties face stiff edits from lawmakers, Coloradans weigh in on what should and shouldn't be the standard.
Some Lawmakers Reluctant To Change Colorado DUI LawsColorado has some of the most lenient laws against drunk drivers and some lawmakers are reluctant to change that.
Colorado Lawmaker Fighting Against Wage TheftsA state lawmaker is trying to crack down on bosses who don’t pay their employees what they’re owed.
Colorado Lawmaker Feels It Should Be Harder To Change The ConstitutionThe November ballot could be very crowded with more than 90 initiatives being submitted so far and many of them involve changes to the state constitution.
Not As Many People Buying Recreational Pot As PredictedSales tax revenue on recreational marijuana in Colorado is down compared to early projections.
Bill Restricting Cellphones In Cars Comes Back For a while, it seemed Colorado lawmakers had hung up on a proposal to restrict cellphone use in cars this year, but it turns out the bill was just on hold.
Colorado Lawmakers Trying To Pull The Plug On Red Light CamerasColorado lawmakers are pushing to remove red light and photo-radar cameras that catch drivers speeding or running red lights.
New Bill Would Change Some DUI Offenses To Felonies Colorado lawmakers gave initial approval on Tuesday to a bill that would change some DUI offenses from misdemeanors to felonies.
Bill Calling For Wildfire Help From California Draws ContemptColorado lawmakers are already thinking about the next fire season and are now asking California for help to boost the state’s fleet if it’s needed.