Glow-In-The-Dark Sidewalk Art Sheds Light On Pedestrian SafetyPedestrians around Denver are being greeted with an important safety message at their feet as they get ready to cross busy intersections.
Study: Thousands Admit To Driving While HighA new study on driving while high shows many in Colorado have done just that in the past year with some admitting they drive while high daily.
CDOT Rebuilding Overpass After Semi Smashes Into Supports, Killing 2Construction crews are demolishing a highway overpass this weekend that was damaged when a tractor-trailer on I-70 crashed into its support pillars Thursday, killing both people on board.
Lingering Wind & Snow Force I-70 Closure Out EastPart of Interstate 70 was closed again on the Eastern Plains because of lingering bad weather.
CDOT Honors Workers Killed On The JobThe Colorado Department of Transportation honored their fallen workers on Thursday, the CDOT Remembrance Day.
Business Leaders Pressure Lawmakers For More Transportation FundingBusiness leaders flocked to the state Capitol on Monday to pressure state lawmakers to dedicate more money to transportation projects in Colorado.
State Lawmakers Debate Disabled Texting While Driving BillSome state lawmakers are trying to keep teenage drivers from being distracted while behind the wheel.
Bill To Disable Texting While Driving Passes 1st HearingSome state lawmakers are trying to keep teenage drivers from being distracted while behind the wheel.
Second Lawsuit To Stop Central 70 Project DismissedThe Colorado Department of Transportation will continue with its Central 70 Project as scheduled after a lawsuit failed to stop the project.
CDOT: 89% Admit To Driving Distracted, Using CellphoneA majority of drivers on the roadways in Colorado have admitted to driving distracted at one time, thanks to their cellphones.
Motel Demolished Strategically For I-70 ExpansionA big construction project will help expand Interstate 70 through central Denver and the first signs are starting to show.
Rockfall Fence Upgrades To Cause I-70 Delays Through Glenwood CanyonThe Colorado Department of Transportation is starting a big project along Interstate 70 through Glenwood Canyon that could cause some big traffic backups.