Lawmakers Consider Whether Home Inspectors Should Be RegisteredColorado lawmakers will discuss this week whether home inspectors should have to be registered.
Massage Therapist Accused Of Sexual Assaults Once Confessed To RapeA massage therapist is now facing criminal charges after two clients say he sexually assaulted them.
Former School Counselor Resigns After Arrest For Sexual AssaultA former school counselor arrested for sexual assault has resigned from his current position as a teacher’s aide.
Home Inspection Trade Organizations Offer CertificationsHome inspection trade organizations offer education and certifications for home inspectors, but some say state licensing is still needed in this industry.
Consumers, Industry Calling For State Licensing Of Home InspectorsMost home sales these days include a home inspection. Inspectors are looking for defects in houses that are for sale, but consumers don’t always know what they’re getting in an inspector.
Husband Feels Betrayed By Mortuary: 'I Don't Know Where She Is'A husband and wife, married more than five decades, planned for what would happen when one of them passed. But Gerald Weber feels betrayed by what happened after his wife, Betty, died.
New Bills In Colorado Aim To Reign In Powerful HOAsOn Wednesday Republicans and Democrats at the state Capitol joined forces to announce a package of bills that they say will protect consumers from their HOAs.
State Offers New Options For HOA HelpMore than 2 million Colorado homeowners live under the rules of a Homeowners’ Association. Neighbors governing neighbors is bound to create problems, so the state is offering the new Home Owners Association Information Office to help.
CBS4 Puts Moving Companies Under The MicroscopeMoving is a chore that most people dread, but a few precautions can keep you from having a bad experience.