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Douglas County school buses (credit: CBS)

High-Tech Warning System Installed On Douglas County School Buses

Now that school is back in session, districts are working to make sure students stay safe, and that includes on the school bus.


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Denver School Principal Out After CSAP Review

A Denver Public Schools principal is out after an investigation indicated an unusual number of students’ answers on statewide tests had been changed, likely by administrators.


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Online Students Brace For New Rules In Colorado

Online school is helping Michelle Nuss catch up. The 17-year-old is only a freshman in high school, falling behind a few years ago when she and her mother were homeless and living in a hotel.


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Colorado Again Passed Over For Fed Education Grant

Colorado has been passed over in its third attempt to earn a share of federal “Race to the Top” education grants.


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Colorado Schools To Hold Awards Ceremony For Performance

The Colorado Department of Education will hold an awards ceremony for district and school performance.


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Colorado Drafts Request For Waiver From Education Law

The Colorado Department of Education is asking for feedback on a draft of its request for a waiver from parts of the federal No Child Left Behind law.


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Sen. Brandon Shaffer Wants Online School Audit

Colorado Democratic Senate President Brandon Shaffer requested an emergency audit examining online K-12 schools Monday.


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Colorado Educators Worried About Test Cheating

The Colorado Department of Education will be switching to computers to prevent cheating on statewide tests.


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Colorado Gets $7.5M To Help Struggling Schools

Colorado education officials say the state has received $7.5 million in federal funds to help chronically low-performing school districts.


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Colorado Study Looks At Students’ College Readiness

A new study suggests Colorado students who need remedial education when they enter a Colorado college can be identified from achievement test results as early as sixth grade.