Colorado Capitol

(credit: CBS)

Stories Abound About Colorado’s Haunted Capitol

Apparitions and hoof beats have led some people to believe the Colorado Capitol is haunted, but the official line is that it’s a goblin-free zone.


Protesters at the state Capitol (credit: CBS)

Syrian Americans Protest At The State Capitol

Syrian Americans protested the violence in their home country at the state Capitol Sunday afternoon.


A protester in front of the state Capitol (credit: CBS)

‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters Rally At State Capitol

A group of “Occupy Wall Street” protesters gathered at the state Capitol on Saturday.


Marijuana (credit: CBS)

Marijuana Advocates Note Alcohol’s Violence Link

A group of women marked Sexual Assault Awareness Month at the Colorado Capitol with an unusual message for lawmakers — marijuana could help.


(credit: CBS)

Colorado Lawmakers Face Contentious Home Stretch

It’s going to heat up quickly in the Colorado Capitol over the next three weeks, when lawmakers sprint to finish this year’s legislative session with much of their work unfinished.


(credit: CBS)

Anti-Tax Groups Rally At Colorado Capitol

Anti-tax groups and Republican legislative leaders are encouraging lawmakers to look for more budget cuts instead of raising taxes.


(credit: CBS)

Latinos Hold Lobby Day At Colorado Capitol

Hundreds of Latinos gathered for this year’s “Latina/o Advocacy Day,” which included a rally Monday at the state Capitol.


Wisconsin Rally (16)

Unions Weak In Colorado, But Fear Attacks In Bad Economy

Could Wisconsin happen here? Hardly, experts on both sides say. But union members and their opponents are finding plenty to clash over this year in the state Legislature.


(credit: CBS)

Students To Lobby Lawmakers For Bottle Deposit System

Some students from Salida are headed to the state Capitol on Wednesday on a mission to save the environment. They’ll testify in favor of a bill that would create a bottle deposit system in Colorado.


(credit: CBS)

Unions Rally In Colorado, Clash With Tea Party

A union rally outside Colorado’s Capitol turned ugly Tuesday when union members and supporters who gathered found unwelcome rivals calling for public unions to disband.





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