This Week In Denver Weather History: Record Fog, A Rare T-Storm & Dangerous Lightning StrikeFebruary is much like January in that blasts of cold, snow and wind tend to dominate the record books. But occasionally, you run across a few other weather phenomena.
Hurricane-Force Winds Warm Denver Nearly 60 Degrees In 12 HoursWinds from a strong jet stream roaring over Colorado mixed down into the foothills west of Denver on Monday and brought a much anticipated warm up.
This Week In Denver Weather History: Berthoud Pass Avalanche, 1992 BlizzardWhile most weather headlines in early January involve cold, wind or snow, this week features everything from a rare thunderstorm to record high air pressure.
Severe Winter Winds Often Hit Colorado With A FurySometimes these winds can mix down to the Front Range mountain tops and produce gusts in excess of 70 mph.
Dress In Layers: Denver's Thanksgivings Boast Wacky WeatherThe next time someone tells you Thanksgiving in Denver is frigid or unseasonably warm, remind them of a 90-degree swing in extremes.
December: Usually Windy + White, Not Windy + WarmThe month of December is known for wind and snow. This year we have had the wind but, not the snow, Meteorologist Dave Aguilera writes.