Couple Who Had Baby At Chipotle Met At The Restaurant A couple said their child’s unexpected arrival at a Chipotle restaurant may have been destiny after all. The couple first met several years ago, when both starting working at a Chipotle.
Heart Transplant Survivor Dies Hours After Giving BirthA St. Louis woman who survived a heart transplant seven years ago passed away less than 24 hours after giving birth.
Labor Pains: Colorado Women Can Choose Nitrous Oxide During BirthThere's a new option at one hospital in Colorado for birthing mothers to ease the pain of labor: nitrous oxide.
Top Childbirth Classes In DenverChildbirth can be one of the most exciting and terrifying times in a woman's life. All new mothers struggle to learn about what to expect and how to best prepare for birth. Add to that the number of different methods and philosophies on child birth, and the whole process becomes more than a little overwhelming. Childbirth classes, especially Denver's best, provide professional advice and support in a setting new moms can trust.
Spooked To Have A Baby On Halloween?Trick or treats may be in the air, but childbirth isn't. A new study shows birth rates plummet on the day many people think is the scariest of the year. Dr Dave Hnida has the details.
2 Colorado Hospitals Join Growing Number That Stop Elective Baby DeliveriesTwo hospitals in Colorado have announced plans to stop elective deliveries of babies before 39 weeks. They're joining a growing number of hospitals discouraging expecting mothers from scheduling C-sections and inducing labor before 39 weeks.