Woman Sentenced To Prison For Abandoning ChildrenA 26-year-old Colorado woman has been sentenced to eight years in prison for leaving her two young children locked in a bedroom for days while she traveled out of state in March 2017.
No One Suspected 13 Kids Were Being TorturedPeople noticed the Turpins' strange behavior, but no one suspected the kids were being tortured.
DA Seeks To Bar Parents From Contacting 13 Kids Kept CaptiveThe parents accused of torturing 12 of their children and keeping them chained to beds for months and so malnourished their growth was stunted will appear in court Wednesday as prosecutors ask a judge to bar them from contacting their kids.
Parents Of 13 Children Charged With Years Of Torture, AbuseInvestigators say years of torture and abuse left the children malnourished, undersized and with cognitive impairments.
Former Caseworker Pleads Guilty In False Reporting Of Child Abuse CasesA former caseworker pleaded guilty to two felony counts in relation to false reporting interviews with victims, family members or witnesses in cases of alleged child abuse or neglect.
Mother Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison For Leaving 2-Year-Old In Freezing Car OvernightA mother who left her 2-year-old son in a car overnight during freezing temperatures after downing several shots of vodka was sentenced to eight years in prison on Thursday.
Grandmother Gets 7 Years In Prison For Injuring GrandsonA 57-year-old Colorado grandmother has been sentenced to seven years in prison for causing her 6-month-old grandson to suffer a brain injury.
Mother Of Baby 'Bent In Half' By Father Speaks OutShe says she has not spoken to her son's father since the incident and that she would not even know what to say if she was given the chance.
Police Say Baby 'Bent In Half' By Father Has DiedPhoenix police say the baby boy whose father is accused of bending him in half to silence his crying has died.
Mom Who Left Toddler In Car Overnight In Snow Storm Pleads GuiltyNicole Carmon, 27, was accused of leaving her 2-year-old son in a car for 14 hours during a snow storm last December.
Man Accused Of Abusing Young Girl Faces JudgeA man faced a judge Friday after being accused of abusing his girlfriend's young daughter.
Prosecutors Say Colorado Caseworker Faked Interview RecordsA former caseworker faces forgery charges for false reporting interviews with victims.