Law Meant To Protect Workers Harming Small Business OwnersA law meant to protect workers who get hurt on the job could shut down some small businesses in Colorado. Those businesses are facing massive fines for violations that -- in some cases -- happened years ago.
Many Colorado Prisoners Illegally Receiving Unemployment CompensationA CBS4 investigation has found many prisoners who aren't allowed to receive unemployment compensation receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from the state.
Elaborate Scam Set Up Phony Businesses, Employees To Fleece TaxpayersInvestigators from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Department of Labor and Employment, Colorado Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service believe they have uncovered a complex scheme that successfully scammed the government.
Thousands Of Coloradans Lose Their Unemployment Benefits1.3 Million Americans lost their unemployment benefits when the Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation program expired on Saturday.
CBS4 Investigates Theft Of Social Security Numbers To Get JobsThe state of Colorado is launching a fraud investigation after a teenager's Social Security number was stolen and used to get jobs at four businesses.
CBS4 Investigates Unemployment Benefits Going To The WealthyAmong the hundreds of thousands of Coloradans who applied for unemployment last year were a handful of people who made more than $100,000 at the time they were laid off.
Colorado Wants $128M Back After Unemployment Benefits MistakeColorado wants its money back after the state paid out $128 million in unemployment benefits by mistake.
Coloradans Frustrated With Unemployment Office, Job ProspectsUnemployed Coloradans say they're frustrated by the lack of jobs and by the difficulty getting their benefits.
Colorado Cracking Down On Unemployment FraudColorado is cracking down on people who are taking advantage of the unemployment benefits system. The Department of Labor said fraud has increased along with the number of claims.