Colorado Chemical Arms Wastewater To Be Trucked To TexasThe U.S. Army will truck hazardous wastewater from a chemical weapons destruction plant in Colorado to an incineration facility in Texas because the Colorado plant isn't yet fully operational.
Work Resumes At Colorado Plant Destroying Chemical WeaponsThe Army has resumed the destruction of chemical weapons at a plant in Colorado after fixing a leak that caused a hazardous waste spill.
Army Halts Chemical Weapons Destruction In ColoradoThe Army has temporarily halted the destruction of chemical weapons at a Colorado facility to repair a small dent in the door of a chamber used to blow up shells containing mustard agent.
Largest U.S. Cache Of Chemical Weapons About To Be Destroyed Near PuebloThe U.S. Army plans to begin destroying the nation's largest remaining stockpile of chemical weapons Wednesday.
US To Destroy Its Largest Remaining Chemical Weapons Cache In PuebloThe United States is about to begin destroying its largest remaining stockpile of chemical-laden artillery shells, marking a milestone in the global campaign to eradicate a debilitating weapon that still creeps into modern wars.
Fewer Chemical Arms Face Destruction By Explosives In ColoradoThe Army has again reduced the estimated number of defective chemical weapons stored in Colorado that have to be destroyed with explosives.
How Will Obama Respond to a No Vote on Syria?With negative public sentiment growing and more members of Congress coming out against action in Syria, we must look at how President Obama will respond to a no vote from Congress.
Congressional Resolution or Not, Syrian Action Buck Will Stop at Obama’s DeskA great deal of pomp and circumstance has been made over Congressional approval of actions in Syria. But in the end, does the approval really matter?
Rep. Coffman Not Ready To Support Military Strike In SyriaMembers of Congress are split over whether to use military force in Syria, and Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Colorado, says he's not ready to support a military strike.
Colorado Loses Bid To Force Destruction Of WeaponsA federal appeals court says Colorado doesn't have the authority to set a deadline for destroying chemical weapons stored at an Army facility outside Pueblo.
Army Steps Closer To Destroying Colorado Chemical WeaponsThe Army says using explosives to destroy leaking chemical weapons at a Colorado storage site would cause no significant environmental impacts.
Army Names Boss For Chemical Weapons In Colorado, KentuckyThe interim manager overseeing the destruction of chemical weapons in Colorado and Kentucky has been named the permanent manager.