Thieves Strike In Middle Of The Day, Rack Up $13,000 On 6 Credit CardsThe Douglas County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help after a series of brazen crimes.
Hundreds Could Be Victims After Credit Card Skimmers Found At Gas StationsThe sheriff's office says from August through September the suspect installed credit card skimmers at numerous gas station pumps -- at least five at the 7-Eleven on Lincoln and several more at a station in Parker.
Thieves Steal Phones, Credit Cards From Cars In ParkerInvestigators are working to track down thieves who stole credit cards after breaking into cars across Parker.
1 Dead After Plane Crash In Douglas CountyOne person is dead after a plane crashed in a field near a shopping center in Douglas county.
Thieves in Douglas County Target Homes With Dog DoorsA number of Douglas County homes are being targeted by thieves because of their dog doors.
Burglars Kick Down Doors In Highlands RanchPolice in Highlands Ranch are searching for thieves who have been forcing their way into homes and taking the most expensive things they can find.
Thieves Stealing Wheels From Cars In Parking LotsA crime alert has been issued for drivers across the metro area and it's a theft that can be hard to avoid even when taking precautions.