'Trying To Appeal To The Center': Colorado Caucuses Different This YearColorado Democrats and Republicans came together at party precincts across the state to debate who should be the next governor of Colorado.
Colorado Voters Get Ready To CaucusThe start of the 2018 voting season in Colorado begins Tuesday with caucuses across the state.
Plan To Revive Presidential Primaries Clears Hurdle At State CapitolA plan to revive the presidential primaries in Colorado has cleared a big hurdle in the state Legislature.
Lawmakers Work To Bring Back Presidential PrimariesAfter standing in long lines to have their voices heard in Colorado's presidential caucuses, there could be relief for frustrated voters. Lawmakers have started the process to bring the primary system back to the state.
Selfie-Taking CU Students Can Caucus Instead Of Taking ExamIf you're a politically-involved chemistry student at the University of Colorado and like to take selfies, it could keep you from taking a midterm exam.
Denver's Mayor Speaks Out Against Romney's MessageProminent Colorado Democrats said Tuesday that Republican Mitt Romney is out of touch with the people of Colorado.
Weld County Expects 5,000 For GOP CaucusIn heavily Republican Weld County, party officials expect around 5,000 people to participate in the GOP presidential caucus.
Colorado GOP Hopes February Caucus Will Help State Play Bigger RoleColorado Republicans moved their caucus to Feb. 7 in hopes of playing a bigger role in choosing their party's nominee. Watch reaction to this move from CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd, Colorado GOP Party Chair and Colorado Democrat Party Chair.