I Bet You Didn't Eat As Many Thanksgiving Calories As You Think You DidYou probably woke up this morning worried that your clothes would feel a lot snugger than yesterday morning. But research shows people actually gobble down fewer calories than they think they do on Thanksgiving. CBS4 Medical Editor Dr Dave Hnida explains the new and improved numbers, and how to beat the "average" holiday waistline spread.
Vending Machine Customers React To New RulesWithin a year President Barack Obama’s health care plan will require calorie information be displayed on vending machines to help people make healthier choices.
Study: Calorie Count On Restaurant Menus Not Always AccurateWhen checking a calorie count on a restaurant menu, customers expect it to be accurate. Now a new study finds that's not always the case.
Today, Happy Meals, Tomorrow...The San Francisco Board of Supervisors, equivalent to a City Council, voted on Tuesday to ban toys in fast food meals that contained more than 600 calories. While the Mayor of San Francisco has promised to veto the bill, he may be overruled since it passed the Board by a vote of 8-3.