Video: Elk 1, Bird Feeders 0Say you're a hungry elk, and the food you want is high above your head in, say, a bird feeder.
Worried Children Look On As Elk Freed From Barbed-Wire FenceA bull elk caught in 40 feet of barbed wire was freed Saturday afternoon after being stuck for hours near Castle Pines.
Bull Elk Gets Trapped In Barbed-Wire FenceA wildlife officer with the help of Douglas County sheriff’s deputies worked to help free a bull elk that got entangled in a barbed-wire fence in Castle Pines on Saturday.
Bear Illegally Killed, Left On Trail Near Glenwood SpringsA mother bear was found shot to death and left along a trail near Sunlight Mountain Resort near Glenwood Springs.
Convicted Elk Poaching Former Officer Avoids Jail TimeA former Boulder police officer convicted of killing a treasured bull elk will not spend more time in jail.
Colorado Wildlife Officers Investigate Poaching CasesColorado Parks and Wildlife officers are investigating two cases in which hunters illegally killed an elk and abandoned the carcass.