Success Of Recreational Pot Shops Varies 1 Year LaterIt has almost been one year since the first recreational marijuana shops opened in Colorado, and depending on who is asked, there have been positives and negatives.
Colorado Marks 1 Year Of Legal Pot Sales Next WeekCBS News reported on Friday morning that 2014 was a year of highs and lows, and that Colorado reported a $43 million revenue haul from legal sales in the first nine months.
Jobs Dwindle During Green Power DebateAn eerie quiet has settled over the Walker Components plant, which assembles custom cables for a global wind turbine company. Orders are down from earlier in the year and one-third of its employees have been laid off this year.
New Blood Turns Colorado To Political Battleground Not too long ago Colorado was political flyover country, known for skiing and football - and being a reliable vote for the Republican presidential candidate.