Vice Admiral Matthew Nathan Visits Denver For Navy Outreach ProgramThe surgeon general of the Navy, Vice Admiral Matthew Nathan, visited Denver this week as part of the military branch's outreach program.
Former Wednesday's Child Right At Home With Forever FamilyCBS4's Brooke Wagner is starting her 10th year with the Adoption Exchange, telling the stories of Wednesday's children. Wagner says it's a thrill when those children find their forever families, just like Marsellus did.
Brooke's Bargains: Big Time Bargains … Now!Here's a little bargain news to cheer you up during these gray days! There are stellar deals to be had on outerwear right now.
Brooke's Bargains: Craigslist ... To List Or Not To List?I have talked to so many people who have something they really want to sell, but just aren't sure about Craigslist. I completely understand the apprehension, but I've got some tips from my personal experience.