Boulder Creek Runs Red After FlushThe water in Boulder Creek is running a little clearer after it was running red on Thursday.
Water Main Break Floods Homes On The Hill In BoulderThe city of Boulder is putting eight University of Colorado students up in a hotel after a water main break flooded their homes.
Boulder Creek Could Become A Hazard During 'Creek Fest'As severe weather heads to the foothills people in Boulder are worried about flooding. One area of concern is the Boulder Creek.
Family Still Pumping Water Out Of Home 8 Months After FloodsTemperatures across Colorado's Front Range are starting to warm up, and the resulting snowmelt is causing problems for a Boulder family.
Boulder Uses Robots To Search For Damage Under Drainage AreasWhile crews in Boulder work to prevent more flooding from the spring thaw after last fall's devastating flooding, the city is still trying to figure out just how much damage that rushing water caused underground.
2 City Of Boulder Workers Accused Of PeepingTwo employees in Boulder's public works department have been arrested on accusations they looked into a female resident's window on Oct. 5 while they were inside a city truck and assigned to trim weeds.