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Boulder City Council

The Heirloom food truck in Boulder (credit: CBS)

Boulder Chews On New Rules For Food Trucks

Boulder is chewing on the possibility of new rules for food trucks.


(credit: CBS)

City Officials In Boulder Consider DNA Dog Waste Ordinance

Elected officials in the city of Boulder are considering a plan to test dog poop for DNA so the dog owners can be tracked down.


(credit: CBS)

Boulder Considering Using DNA To Catch Careless Dog Owners

Boulder is considering a unique way to catch people who don’t clean up after their dogs.


A view of the entrance to the City Council Chambers.  (credit: Giulio Marcocchi/Getty Images)

Man Who Is In The Country Illegally Has Been Appointed To The Human Relations Commission

A man who is in this country illegally has been appointed to the Boulder City Council’s Human Relations Commission. Voters approved a rule change back in November and now Jose Beteta is the first beneficiary of the change.


(credit: CBS)

Boulder Council Approves Bear-Proof Trash Can Ordinance

Despite some protest from residents over the increased cost, the Boulder City Council voted unanimously in favor of bear-proof trash cans for some neighborhoods.


(credit: CBS)

Boulder City Council To Vote On Bear-Proof Trash Cans

The Boulder City Council is expected to take a final vote Wednesday evening on new rules to help protect both bears and people.


Power lines (credit: CBS)

Boulder Electricity Flap Likely Headed To Voters

The Boulder City Council has voted to take over the power lines, substations and other assets Xcel Energy owns.


Boulder (credit: CBS)

Boulder Council Rejects Nablus As Sister City

Boulder officials have rejected a proposal to make the West Bank town of Nablus the city’s eighth sister city.


(credit: CBS)

Boulder To Meet Over Recreational Marijuana On Tuesday

The Boulder City Council will meet on Tuesday to tackle recreational marijuana laws.


Boulder (credit: CBS)

Boulder City Council Delays Outdoor Smoking Ban

A final vote on the proposed outdoor smoking ban along the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder has been delayed.