Bear Hunting

Tom Hansch of Roxborough Park took these photos of black bears on May 16, 2010. "The mamma has 3 new cubs all of which are light brown in color," he wrote.

Expanded Bear Hunt Off Table For Now

An expanded bear hunting season in Colorado is off the table next year, according to a lawmaker who proposed the idea unsuccessfully this year.


(credit: CBS)

Bill Expanding Colorado Bear Hunt Dates Dies

A bill allowing more time for bear hunting in Colorado has died as this year’s legislative session winds down.


(credit: CBS)

Lawmaker To Drop Proposed Spring Bear Hunt

A Colorado legislator says he’ll change his bill on hunting bears to drop a provision that would allow killing bears in the spring.


(credit: CBS)

State Lawmakers Consider Allowing More Bear Hunting

State lawmakers are considering a measure allowing more bear hunting.



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