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New Horizons (credit: CBS)

CU’s ‘Student Dust Counter’ On New Horizons Spacecraft Arrives At Pluto

A Colorado-built spacecraft made history Tuesday morning. Nearly a decade after it launched, New Horizons is flying by Pluto and is capturing pictures and information never seen before.


New Horizons (credit: CBS)

What Do They Hope To Find On Pluto? ‘Well, Plutonians Of Course’

It’s about six billion miles away, but the New Horizons spacecraft is approaching Pluto for an historic visit, and it has dozens of ties to Colorado.


New Horizons (credit: CBS)

Little Pluto Bigger Than Thought As Flyby With Colorado Experiments Looms

On the eve of NASA’s historic flyby of Pluto, scientists announced Monday the New Horizons spacecraft has nailed the size of the faraway icy world.


New Horizons (credit: CBS)

‘New Horizons’ About To Reach Pluto With Colorado-Built Experiments

It’s just two days away from a historic space mission at the edge of the solar system.


John Troeltzsch at Ball Aerospace in Boulder (credit: CBS)

‘We Really Changed History With Hubble’ Says Boulder Scientist After 25 Years

It’s called the most significant advance in astronomy since Galileo’s telescope, and this week the Hubble Space Telescope is turning 25.


(credit: CBS)

Aerospace Industry Takes Over At The State Capitol

Politics took a back seat to science for a time Monday at the state Capitol as the aerospace industry took over.


The Orion spacecraft on the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center (credit: CBS)

Despite Scrubbed Launch, Orion Fans Wait For Next Attempt

Despite the scrubbed launch of the Orion spacecraft, there are fans of the Orion Project waiting for Friday morning’s second attempt.


The Orion watch party at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (credit: CBS)

Excitement Surrounds Orion Despite Scrubbed Launch

Despite the scrubbed launch of the Orion spacecraft, there is a renewed excitement surrounding space travel as was evident during the early morning watch party at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.


(credit: CBS)

‘Orion’ Project Looks To Future Space Travel

The launch of Orion is not just a big deal for future exploration, it also marks the end of an era.


(credit: CBS)

‘Orion’ Launch Getting Worldwide Attention

It’s not only Coloradans anxiously awaiting the launch of Orion on Thursday, but excitement is growing worldwide. Orion is the test flight for a capsule that could take man back to the moon or even as far away as Mars.



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