Second Bald Eagle Egg Hatches Live On YouTube One Day After The FirstThe second of two bald eagle eggs laid last month in Southern California hatched Monday afternoon.
Bald Eagle Egg Hatches Live On YouTubeOne of two bald eagle eggs laid last month in Southern California has hatched and it was witnessed by loyal viewers of an online live feed of the nest.
Search Continues For Bald Eagle ShooterThe American Bald Eagle is our national bird and the only eagle unique to North America. Now, the search continues for whomever shot one of the birds out of the sky in Routt County, which led to the bird's death.
Vets Unable To Save Bald Eagle Found ShotA Bald Eagle found shot on the side of the road in Routt County has been euthanized.
Watch: Bald Eagles Snuggle Together To Protect Eggs Amid StormThe District of Columbia has been hit by wind, sleet and snow this week, but two nesting bald eagles at the U.S. National Arboretum worked to ensure that none of it affected their two eggs.
Brothers Rescue Bald Eagle, Take A Selfie Before ReleasingMichael and Neil Fletcher were in the woods looking for grouse to shoot when they came across an eagle in a trap.
Rare Wildlife Make Winter AppearancesA variety of rare wildlife encounters is making this winter's scenery even more picturesque and quintessentially Coloradan.
Bald Eagle Chooses City Park As Its Hunting GroundsIt's a rare sighting in the middle of Denver, a bald eagle perching in a tree in City Park.