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Aurora Police

Gun Found At Gateway High School

Parents of Gateway High School students in Aurora received a message Friday evening informing them a gun was found at the school on Tuesday.


(credit: CBS)

Police Offering Reward For Information In Murder Case

Police are offering a $4,000 reward for information in a murder that happened on Christmas Eve.


(credit: CBS)

Police Investigating Deadly Shooting In Aurora

Police are investigating a deadly shooting in Aurora that happened Tuesday night.


(credit: CBS)

Police Looking For Suspect In Shooting

Aurora police are looking for whoever shot a man in the parking lot of a restaurant.


(credit: Aurora Police)

Driver Rams Police Car With Stolen Vehicle

Authorities are searching for suspects who used a stolen vehicle to ram a police car.


(credit: Aurora Police)

Woman Arrested After Kicking Police Officer

Aurora Police say a woman put up a fight when an officer wrote her up for leaving her car running.


Jonathan Steele (credit: Aurora Police Department)

Shoplifter That Injured Officer Will Not Have Bond Reduced

A suspected shoplifter accused of injuring a police officer will not have his bond reduced.


(credit: ThinkStock)

Driver Crashes Into Two Police Cars

Police had a suspected drunk driver pulled over when another driver slammed into them Thursday morning.


Alexis Triplett, Erin Lee Smith (credit: Aurora Police)

Police Search For More Suspects In Metro Area Crime Ring

Police are hunting for more suspects linked to a complex theft ring that stretched across the Denver metro area.


(credit: CBS)

Suspect Shot While Fleeing Officer Who Was Injured In Aurora

An Aurora man was shot and a police officer was injured after confrontation Friday that involved a short car chase.