Aurora Movie Shooting

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Bill To Repeal Background Checks For Private Gun Sales Fails

Democrats rejected a Republican attempt to repeal new background-check requirements for private guns sales in Colorado.



Jury Selection Winding Down In Colorado Theater Shooting

Jury selection in the Colorado theater shooting case is winding down as prosecutors and defense attorneys finish individually questioning candidates about their views on the death penalty and mental illness.


James Holmes in court on March 12, 2013 (credit: CBS)

Aurora Theater Shooting Lawsuits Delayed Until 2016

A federal judge has set a trial date in July 2016 for several civil cases filed by survivors of the Aurora theater shooting and relatives of those who were killed.


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Colorado Theater Shooting Case Costs $2.2 Million Before Trial

Public spending to investigate and prosecute Colorado theater shooting defendant James Holmes has surpassed $2.2 million, weeks before opening statements in his trial, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.


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Taxpayer Cost Of Theater Shooting Case Tops $2.2 Million Before Trial

Taxpayer costs for investigating and prosecuting the Colorado theater shooting case have risen to more than $2.2 million before the trial has even started, and that doesn’t include legal costs for defendant James Holmes.


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Theater Shooting Victim Says Arlene Holmes’ Book ‘Doesn’t Make Any Sense To Us’

The mother of the Aurora theater shooter says she prays for the victims daily. Those comments come in her controversial new book.


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Theater Shooting Prosecutors Say Unbiased Jury Possible

Prosecutors in the Aurora movie theater shooting case say an unbiased jury can be seated in the community where the 2012 attack happened, despite defense claims.


James and Arlene Holmes attend the court hearing for their son James Holmes on March 12, 2013 (credit: CBS)

Parents Of Aurora Theater Shooter Pray For Victims Daily

The mother of Colorado theater shooting defendant James Holmes writes in a new book that she prays for the victims daily, “by name and by wound.”



Lawsuit Dismissed Against Ammo Sellers In Theater Shooting

The lawsuit filed by the parents of a woman killed in the Colorado theater shootings, accusing four online retailers of improperly selling ammunition, tear gas, a high-capacity magazine and body armor used in the attack, has been dismissed.


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Trial Date Set In James Holmes Case

Opening statements in the Colorado theater shooting case have been set for April 27 – at least a month earlier than expected in the death penalty case.