Amazon Hiring Aurora Fulfillment Center JobsAmazon has already started hiring for its new facility in Aurora.
Aurora Tries Again To Get Racetrack BuiltThe City of Aurora is once again taking a proposed motor sports complex to its voters. Or at least it is hoping to.
Aurora Approves Huge Tax Break To Amazon For New FacilityThe city of Aurora is offering more than $1 million in tax breaks to Amazon.
Mother Of Drowned Boy Gets Support To Convert PondIt has been nearly two months since 6-year-old David Puckett passed away after he was reported missing on New Year’s Eve.
Aurora City Council Tables Rezoning Proposal That Could Leave Some HomelessThe Aurora City Council decided Monday night to table a proposal that would rezone the Denver Meadows mobile home park.
Mobile Home Owners Fight For Their PropertyPeople who live in a mobile home park in Aurora are concerned the land will be sold literally out from under them, leaving them with no where to go.
Aurora's Newest Cop Is Just 10 Years OldA brave 5th grader was sworn in as an honorary police officer in Aurora on Wednesday. It was a dream come true for the 10-year-old who has battled cancer for more than a year.
Bill To Ban Traffic Cameras AdvancesColorado lawmakers advanced a measure to ban red-light and speeding cameras, but they're facing strong opposition from local governments and police.
Aurora May Lift Citywide Ban On Pit Bulls Eight years ago the city of Aurora banned pit bulls, but they may allow the breed back within city limits soon.
Aurora May Soon Lift Ban On Pit BullsEight years ago the city of Aurora banned Pit bulls and now they may soon allow the breed back within city limits.
Aurora Fire Chief Welcomes Independent Review In Theater Shooting ResponseThe Aurora City Council will decide whether it needs an independent review of last summer's shootings at the Century 16 Theater where 12 people died.
Aurora Ready To Decide How To Deal With Amendment 64 Later in May the Aurora City Council is set to decide how to deal with Amendment 64.

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